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In this thriller for young adults (that readers of all ages will enjoy) shallow teen Faith Baker has her eyes opened to dark family secrets when she’s asked to write an autobiography for history class. With the help of her loving cousins, she tries to navigate the pitfalls of her discovery and tries not to lose herself along the way. But this is a thriller, so there are other forces working against her. You can read the official blurb by visiting it’s Amazon author page.

This new book series is special to me for a couple reasons. It’s a project that co-author Genna Denton and I are very passionate about. We love the Baker clan–well-meaning Faith, protective Brady, and charming Charlie and we think readers will enjoy watching this bond grow and be tested over the course of the series. It’s extremely difficult to get a YA book noticed these days, so if you download your free copy, it will help others discover the book. You can read a free preview below, and if you like it, please be sure to share with your friends.

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Fractured Faith Excerpt & Giveaway


I’m pleased to announce that Genna and I are launching a brand new YA series. We haven’t teamed up to write books for teens since From the Damage, and this is a project we’ve been crafting for a very long time.

Glass Houses will follow the Baker Clan (you may remember them from Another Life). In Glass Houses, Sam, Chad and Cameron are all grown up with families of their own. Their picturesque little life is built on a ton of secrets though, a fact their children are about to uncover…

Faith, Brady and Charlie Baker are the best of friends and as close as brothers and sisters, even though they are technically only cousins. When the walls of their Glass Houses begin to crack and shatter, will they be able to save each other from the secrets that come to light?

Fractured Faith launches on March 25th! Keep reading for the blurb and an excerpt.

When her sophomore year of high school began, all Faith cared about was fitting in. She’d made up her mind that this was the year—she’d be the most stylish girl in school, finally catch the eye of hottie athlete Tyler. All of that changed with a class assignment. The project was simple enough: write an autobiography.
When Faith looks into her past, she realizes her history isn’t as clear as she thought was. Driven by the nagging feeling that her parents are hiding something sinister and an ever growing pile of questions, Faith enlists the help of her cousins (and best friends) to uncover the truth. Faith is about to discover that some secrets are kept for a reason.
As she pokes at the past, she unleashes a hidden danger that could put her–and everyone she loves–in the ground.


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Forgetting Yesterday Excerpt

forget_3200x4800forget_quote 1

“There’s someone…” Sara trailed off, turning to look at a dress on a mannequin. “It’s complicated.”

“Been there,” she said. She moved to the clearance rack to check out some quarter-length sleeved shirts. The weather was cooling off and she’d have to retire her tank-tops to undergarments.

“With the baby daddy?” Sara called after her.

Cameron glanced over her shoulder. “How did you…”

“Manipulative ex, brutal custody battle, tons of drama?” Sara asked, slinking past Cameron to check out some lingerie. “Shane filled me in. You poor thing. You’re only what, sixteen?”

“Eighteen,” Cameron corrected, clearing her throat. She crossed her arms and eyed the girl in a warning. “And are you intending to be such a bitch, or does it just come naturally?”

Sara turned, her mouth agape in a mock gasp.

“Drop the act,” Cameron said. “You’ve been playing frenemy all afternoon. What’s really going on here?”

She strode a little closer, biting her lip. “I guess I wasn’t being subtle, was I?”


She sighed, planting her hands on her hips. “Then I guess I’m just going to…come right out and say it.”

Cameron raised an eyebrow, waiting.

“Truth is, Cameron, I just don’t like you.”

This wasn’t anything Cameron hadn’t heard before and didn’t bother her much. She responded with a sarcastic smirk.

“Shane always goes for the train wrecks and every time, they mangle his heart. You think you’re going to be any different? Sweetie, you’re barely out of high school and just look at the baggage you’ve got.”

“Excuse me?”

“A kid, an ex-husband. Then there’s the main issue—whatever screwed you up so much in the first place.”

Cameron inhaled a sharp breath as the words stung. “Shane warned me this would happen,” she said. “I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but now I see what all this is really about.”

“Oh, really?”

“What’s wrong? Afraid to tell Shane he’s got to save you again?”

Something in Sara’s hazel eyes flickered.

“I’ve seen your type before too, sweetie,” she said. “In fact, last summer I was you. So what kind of mess are you in and have you told him yet?”

She smirked. “You think you have it all figured out, don’t you? I’m just the screw up sister who crashes everybody’s life. That’s so…last summer.” She turned on her heel and sashayed away. “Every story needs a twist. Let’s see if you figure this one out before it blindsides you.”

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Code of Silence Excerpt


“I swear never to betray the secrets of this thing we have, and to obey with love and Omertà the Sicilian Code of Silence.”

~Cosa Nostra Oath

Code of Silence

As soon as she could break away from Rafe and her father, Bela headed over to the bar for something stronger than Champagne. It was just good luck Vincent happened to be stationed there, with an open spot beside him. She gave a quick glance around and, after confirming nobody important was around, she slid onto the empty stool and ordered a martini.

She kept herself facing the bar and didn’t look at him, but the mirror in the back allowed her to see his face in the reflection. He looked miserable, and it broke her heart even more. “Tell me this terrible night is almost over,” she said.

“With the way Italians celebrate.” He gave a bitter chuckle and lifted his glass to his lips. “I wouldn’t bank on it.”

In the mirror across from them, she watched him as he took a drink and also kept an eye out for their fathers or Rafe. “You’re hitting the Scotch pretty hard tonight.”

“It’s the only way I’m going to keep my mouth shut.”

“Tell me about it.” She stopped talking while the bartender brought her martini. She took a sip before she began again. “Look…about that kiss—”

He dipped his head, his dark eyes focusing on the single ice-cube floating around in the amber liquid. “I’m sorry he did that to you,” he said. “Rafe likes to put on a show.”

“I’m sorry you had to see it.”

His expression altered to unreadable again. Looking over his shoulder, he gave a glance behind them. “You should go. We don’t want him to see us together.”

“Right,” she said as she pushed off the bar stool. Taking her glass with her, she went to mingle. She was thankful when she found Mandi and Trey before she encountered anybody else.

“This is so strange,” Mandi said as Bela approached. “I don’t know whether to congratulate you or apologize.”

Bela chuckled. “Either would work, I guess.”

Trey nodded toward Vincent. “How’s he doing?”

“About how you’d expect.” She looked over just as the bartender served him another drink. “Do me a favor, would you?”

“I’ll keep an eye on him,” Trey said with a nod.

Just then, Rafe approached and took her by the elbow. She couldn’t help but notice the way he addressed Trey and not her when he said, “Mind if I steal a minute with my bride-to-be?”

Trey glanced at Bela for approval.

“Of course,” she answered with a forced smile. With a glance at Mandi and Trey, she said, “Excuse us.”

She could feel Trey’s gaze—even and threatening—on Rafe as he walked her to the door and out into the lobby of the dining hall. Once they were alone, Rafe released her elbow.

“I know it can’t be easy for you and Vincent to go cold turkey,” he said, “but try to keep it out of the public eye, all right? We have an image to uphold.”

“I was just getting a drink,” she said, lifting the glass to show him.

“Sure you were.” He looked around to make sure no one was nearby and then returned his gaze to her. “Look, I don’t want this any more than you do, but it is what it is. And if you had any other boyfriend besides my brother I’d look the other way. But sharing you with him is a little twisted, even for my tastes.”

A rush of insult pumped through her blood.  Anger snaked through her veins, hot and quick. “Let’s get one thing straight. They might be forcing me to marry you, but I will never be your wife.” Unable to control the rage—at him, at her father, at this entire messed up situation—she swung her arm and splashed her drink in his face.

His jaw tightened as the cool alcohol dripped down onto his suit. She turned to walk away, but his hand clamped down on her arm, just above the elbow and pulled her back. His chest pressed into her arm as he leaned close to bring his lips to her ear. His low, threatening whisper sent a chill down her spine. “You’re stuck with me princess, so get used to it.”

He released her arm with a jerk, then took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his face. He shrugged out of his blazer, draped it over one arm and viola…he looked good as new. He gave her a chilling smile as he returned to the ballroom.


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Arrow & The Flash vs. Smallville




I love superheroes. What’s not to love? Saving damsels in distress, pulling people out of burning buildings and stopping crises on a global scale. The show that turned me onto this genre was the legendary Smallville. When Smallville went off-air, I was crushed. I’d waited so long to tune in and when I finally got caught up, boom: show’s over. Then I learned about Arrow. Yay!

Some of you may remember Smallville’s version of Green Arrow: the blond, yummy Justin Hartley. His costume was a little…cartoony, but this character was badass and had a ‘no kill’ policy, which I thought was cool. He was also the person to go to if you wanted something stolen and could sneak up on you like a ninja. When I learned the Emerald Archer was getting his own show starring an actor who WASN’T Justin Hartley…I was pissed. I didn’t want to watch it. I’d already invested time and grown to love my version of Green Arrow, so I wasn’t up to changing all of that. Then I read an interview with Stephen Amell, who took the time to address fans like me with this very concern. He stated the shows were separate and not to judge one based on the other. He hoped Smallville fans would give his version of Green Arrow a chance. So I tuned in for the pilot, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Then Arrow of course gave birth to The Flash and now I’m in superhero heaven.

So what’s with all of this bloggage I’m seeing about Arrow paving the way for superhero TV shows? Granted, we wouldn’t have the Flash if it weren’t for the episodes he did on Arrow, and they’ve arguably helped sell the Supergirl series, but you can hardly credit Arrow for the rise in superhero stories. Smallville was barely even cold before Arrow began. If you judge Smallville by its first couple of seasons, then I can see why you would misjudge it and think it has nothing in common with Arrow. But in its later seasons, Smallville was much like Arrow is now. It was dark, the stakes were high and Metropolis and the rest of the world often hung in the balance. Very comic-esque. Watch these last few pulse-pounding seasons and you can see why fans were thirsty for more once the show ended.

After 10 long years, Clark had fulfilled his destiny and became the Man of Steel (don’t get me started on THAT movie!!) and yet, these days, Smallville and Tom Welling get no credit in the comic book world. It’s as though they never even existed. This makes hardcore fans like me angry, but for diehard fans like my sister, it’s downright insulting. On more than one occasion I’ve had to listen to her rant almost endlessly because some blogger has credited Arrow as the catalyst for this booming market. I can say with absolute certainty that there would be no Arrow if there hadn’t been a Smallville. Smallville took a b-rated comic book character like Green Arrow, who had never before been played in a live-action show or movie, and turned him into something more. He became something else. (haha). That is why people (or at least Smallville fans) flocked to watch the new show. It gave Arrow the chance, and Arrow captivated viewers everywhere and created a place on the market for more shows like it.

I’m not going to get into which Arrow is better. I don’t even know—I love them both. I love the Flash, too, but Smallville has a special place in my heart. Smallville was the first to give my generation a full-blown superhero TV show and Tom Welling won my heart as the lovable farm boy/protector of mankind. Season after season we watched as Clark realized what he believed in and took a stand for it. It’s a big part of the reason why girls like me started viewing superheroes as sexy instead of ‘for boys’. Doesn’t any one else see that? It was on the air for ten years! You don’t get that by being mediocre. Why do we have to pit these shows against each other when we should be lumping them together? Please, give credit where credit is due. Smallville gave birth to a wonderful new genre and revamped a dead horse, so let’s act like it!


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Men of Honor Excerpt + Giveaway!


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I’m excited to announce that I’ve once again partnered with my awesome and talented twin, Genna Denton to bring you an exciting new trilogy, Cosa Nostra.

Cosa Nostra is the story of the DeLuca family, a notorious crime family in New York. Trey is the ambitious heir to the dynasty and Bela is the oppressed daughter yearning for freedom. Both of their lives are complicated when they meet Vincent, a man from a rival mob family. Vincent falls in love with Bela and wants to work for Trey, but are his motivations pure?

Keep reading for an exclusive excerpt from the book.

An ambitious prince…

Trey DeLuca has it all. Heir to the dynasty his father, a notorious mob boss has built, he’s ruthless and determined to step into his father’s shoes. Until someone threatens to ruin it all…

A prodigal son…

Vincent Marcano walked away from his own life of crime five years ago. Now he’s back and wants in on Trey’s crew. Trey has no reason to trust Vincent—he’s from a rival family and has proved to be a traitor in the past, but the boss allows Vincent to join the team in spite of Trey’s protests. But Vincent’s keeping a lot of secrets…about where he’s been, why he’s back, and the fact that he’s in love with Trey’s younger sister, Bela. Desperate to prove his loyalty to Trey, Vincent plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse that threatens to expose his relationship with Bela and the truth about his past.

And the only girl who could come between them…

The daughter of a mob boss, Bela has grown up to hate organized crime, but she loves Vincent enough to overlook his decision to join her brother’s gang. His mission will test her beliefs, strain their relationship and turn her world inside out. As Vincent becomes more embroiled in the mob’s dark world, the threat of exposure heightens. Can Bela continue to be with Vincent, knowing her love could sign his death sentence?

Are you excited about the new book series? Join us on Saturday, December 20th and you can have a chance to win one of five free copies.


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Vincent stood in front of Sal’s desk, a gunman on each arm. “Vincent Marcano,” Sal said in an amused tone. “Never thought anyone in the city would see you again. Truth be told, I thought you were at the bottom of the river.”

“Not yet,” Vincent replied dryly.

“It’d serve you right.” Sal leaned back in his chair, gazing evenly at Vincent. “Tell me, what makes a man run out on his own family?”

“To understand, I guess you’d have to know my family the way I do.”

Sal didn’t respond to this. He stayed eerily quiet.

“I get it,” Vincent said, stepping forward. “I left my family, so why would I want to work for yours? Why would you trust me to work for yours? Well, the reason is simple. The enemy of my enemy. As long as we have that in common, I swear you my undying loyalty.”

“Those are big words, kid,” he said.

“I know,” he replied.

“I saw the security footage from the docks,” Sal said finally. “You’ve got moves. And you showed real stones today. I see no reason you can’t continue to prove yourself.”

Trey’s instinct was to protest, but he made sure to stay quiet until he could speak to his father alone.

“I’ll do anything,” Vincent said, like a praise-craving lap dog.

“We’ll get to that.” Sal stood from the desk and started walking around it. “For now, everybody give me a minute with my son.”

The people cleared from the room without another word. Trey gave Vincent a steady, even glare as he left.

Sal leaned against his desk while the door closed. Trey waited for his father to be the first one to speak up. This was both out of habit and respect.

Trey and his dad resembled each other in many ways, but the most obvious was their looks. They had the same jet black hair, although Trey didn’t keep his quite as short as Sal did. They shared identical dark, hardened eyes. And both of them wore a non-stop poker face of intimidation and callousness. It was safe to say that Sal had groomed Trey in his own image, but Trey had never minded. That was what sons were for; to please their fathers and eventually step into their shoes. And Trey made it a point to be the best son he could be, even if that meant he had to sell his soul to do it.

Finally, Sal broke the silence, “How’s the arm?”

Trey shrugged, and even though the movement hurt, he didn’t show it. “Doc patched me up,” he said. “I’m good as new.”

“Good,” he said. “You did good today too. You almost caught that truck.”

“Almost,” he said.

“Just be faster next time,” he said with a dismissive wave.

There was a moment—just a fraction of a second—where this caused Trey to feel a twinge of shame, as if he’d let his father down. In a way, he had. This had been his chance to show he could handle the big jobs and the problems that came with them. And instead, he’d been upstaged by his enemy. “Listen, about the Marcano guy—”

“Fishy, isn’t it?” Sal’s expression turned thoughtful and suspicious. “I don’t trust him, either. Can’t trust a man who turns his back on his own family.”

“That’s what I said,” he said. “So why are we letting him in? Wouldn’t it be better to use him to send a message to the Marcano family?”

“You want to what, shoot him and leave him on their doorstep?”

He nodded. “Maybe in pieces.”

Sal chuckled, but a glimmer of pride marked his face, too. “My crazy, trigger happy boy,” he said. “All rage and no vision. He’s more useful alive than dead.”

Trey still didn’t agree with this, but kept his mouth shut out of respect.

“Just thinking about the look on Tony Marcano’s face when he finds out his oldest son is working for me makes it worth the risk that he’s a rat.” His father smirked with amusement and then pushed himself up off his desk. “You’re in charge of breaking him in,” he said. “Make him earn it, too.”

“Gladly,” Trey said, straightening his shoulders. This was the best news he’d heard all night.


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Yes, I am a TV Addict

There’s nothing I love more than a good TV show marathon. This weekend, I’ve been getting caught up on my favorite shows. As most of you know, I’m a CW nut, I mean, really, do I need any other channels? Nope. Since I can’t help but gush over this fantastic new lineup, are my thoughts on the season this far.

The Originals

This show gives the term ‘family drama’ a whole new name. I really should’ve foreseen the Original parents coming back. (It IS a show about Originals and the Otherside was falling apart, giving them the perfect chance to escape). I didn’t see it coming though, and I love it! Esther’s all creepy and “I’ll give you a new life” and the big-bad Michael “the vampire who hunts vampires” is on a leash! A leash wielded by a very powerful, but still very teenage witch. How awesome is that? And poor, murderous Haley…she needs Hope…literally. I’m thrilled to see Kohl back, and as a witch. This series has had me hooked since the backdoor pilot on TVD, and this season is no exception.

My predictions: Michael will find out that Hope is still alive and then take her from Rebekah (hopefully NOT killing her in the process), then Hope will be raised by Michael to hate Klaus. He obviously isn’t strong enough to kill Klaus, so he’ll do the next best thing…kill their family’s hope. Let’s not forget this child has a destiny—she is a miracle baby, after all. (I also predict she will age fast and be able to practice magic.)


All I can say is: OMG. This season has literally had me jump out of my chair two times. The first was when Sara died. Sara was my hero (all blond and badass and going after rapists) and to see her shot down so suddenly…I walked around for a week pouting. The only the good thing that came from it was that I just KNEW (in my gut knew) that this was their way of bringing Tommy back into the picture. We’re not really supposed to believe he’s dead, right? Of course not, he’s off being brainwashed somewhere by Malcom Merlin and will come back hating Laurel and Oliver at some point. But, I digress. Last weeks’ episode showed that Tommy didn’t kill Sara—Roy did! Let’s take a step back and say that Roy is also my hero. He’s all troubled and mysterious, and we come from similar backgrounds and I always rooted for him and the things he wanted. So, not only did the Arrow writers kill off my hero, but they used my other hero to do it! I’m devastated…and hooked. You can bet I’ll keep tuning in to find out what happens. BTW, Roy is obviously suffering from some side effect of the “miracle drug” cure. They injected him with it, not knowing anything about it, so even if he did really kill Sara, it’s not like we can hold him responsible for it. And, while I miss Sara, I am enjoying Laurel’s arc this year.

Predictions: Tommy will be back this season, with a vendetta against Oliver and possibly Laurel.  The Tommy flashbacks in Hong Kong confirmed this: that whole storyline will seem pointless unless it’s a gradual way of putting Tommy back in our heads. Also, Lila will go to a dark place and threaten her relationship with Digg and baby Sara. (She does what Amanda Waller says, right? And Amanda is shady, Digg is more of a black-and-white, good-and-bad type person.) Of course Laurel will become Black Canary, but I think she’ll go much darker than we realize.


I’ve been waiting for Dean to go darkside for a long time, but when he did…it was downright chilling. I wouldn’t have wanted to stumble into his path while he was off the rails. It’s a good thing Sam FINALLY stepped up and saved Dean for a change. He hasn’t done that since season…4 or 5, and frankly it was starting to annoy me. I am disappointed he was cured so soon, but the good news is that I have no idea where the season is going from here. It’s keeping me on my toes, and Supernatural is one of the only shows where my predictions tend to be way off. Obviously Cole will become a hunter, at least to find Dean, but then what?

Prediction: Sam and Dean will at some point, be recruited to hunt monsters for the government. (Don’t laugh!) They’ve referenced A LOT about Big Brother, and who makes up those cover stories like “meteor shower”? How exactly do Sam and Dean get away with faking their deaths so many times, being most wanted so many times, only to walk around un-arrested and seemingly undetected? I think Big Brother has had their eye on Sam and Dean for a while and know exactly what the brothers have been doing. Eventually, I think the brothers will end up flashing badges that are real.

The Flash—

I love this newbie! Barry is a cute, geeky underdog. He’s got quirky sidekicks and a mission to save his dad. Plus, he’s the fastest man alive. I’m also a big fan of Tom Cavanaugh and love his role in this…so ominous and creepy. There’s depth to every word Wells says. It’s hard to explain what gives this show it’s…fresh feel, but it’s exactly that: refreshing.

Predictions: Barry will find out that A.) Wells is his real father and killed his mom. B.) Wells has been manipulating him his whole life—he obviously wanted him to be affected by the particle accelerator. Which brings me to C.) The explosion was no accident—Wells knew exactly what he was unleashing and has ‘waited for this for centuries.’

What do you think about these fresh new seasons? What is Wells up to? What does the future hold for Sam and Dean? Will Team Arrow survive this already hellish year? Will Klaus and Haley be reunited with their miracle baby? I’d love to discuss this with more fans.

Available now:

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