Read Fractured Faith for FREE!


Starting today, you can grab a copy of Fractured Faith for free by clicking here.This deal lasts until Saturday, May 14th.

In this thriller for young adults (that readers of all ages will enjoy) shallow teen Faith Baker has her eyes opened to dark family secrets when she’s asked to write an autobiography for history class. With the help of her loving cousins, she tries to navigate the pitfalls of her discovery and tries not to lose herself along the way. But this is a thriller, so there are other forces working against her. You can read the official blurb by visiting it’s Amazon author page.

This new book series is special to me for a couple reasons. It’s a project that co-author Genna Denton and I are very passionate about. We love the Baker clan–well-meaning Faith, protective Brady, and charming Charlie and we think readers will enjoy watching this bond grow and be tested over the course of the series. It’s extremely difficult to get a YA book noticed these days, so if you download your free copy, it will help others discover the book. You can read a free preview below, and if you like it, please be sure to share with your friends.

Thank you! đŸ™‚

Jasmine Denton





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