10 Reasons You Should Read Another Life


Cameron Baker has always felt like the punch line to a bad joke. She’s an orphan, borderline alcoholic party-girl and chronic screw-up, but the summer she turns eighteen, her life hits a new low. She wakes up after a drunken night to find out she’s married to her very manipulative frenemy, Julian. In a panicked frenzy, she packs her belongings and flees. On the run from the police as well, she seeks refuge with her two older brothers, whom she hasn’t seen in years.
Returning to her childhood home in a small town in Georgia, Cameron makes up an excuse about bonding with her brothers for the summer, and secretly tries to figure out how to get herself out of this mess. Though Cameron is seemingly safe, she can’t shake the urges to drink her pain away, and her brothers notice this quickly. As awkward and protective instincts fly in the wounded family, Cameron feels like the black sheep among them. She harbors more resentment about their estranged years than she initially thought. Shane, a reformed bad-boy and long time friend of the family quickly takes her under his wing. His belief in hope and second chances is just the ticket she needs to straighten out her life, and a reluctant romance blooms between them. Just as she’s about to settle in and allow herself some happiness, Julian tracks her down. His threat: leave with him, or he’ll tell everyone all of her dirty little secrets—and she has much more to hide than her marriage.
As the family struggles to accept each other, flaws and all, the past just won’t stay buried. With so many secrets to hide, it’s only a matter of time before it all blows up in her face. Her only way out is to admit the terrible truths she’s been running from, and finally face her demons, but will she be strong enough?
Since I know deciding to read a book can be a hard choice, I’ve compiled a few reasons that could tip the scales.

1.) It’s the little engine that could- I’ve been editing, rewriting, and trying to publish this book for 8 years! Everyone who is anyone in the business passed on it, some more than once. Obviously, I’m not the type to be stopped, so with today’s wonderful technology I published it myself. Aren’t you a little curious if it was worth passing on?

2.) Hot guys!– Lot’s of metaphorical eye candy in this one. Not only Cameron’s two love interests, Julian (a manipulative trust-funder) and Shane (a sweetheart mechanic) but she also has two hot brothers. One is love sick and pining for a girl who got away and the other is a cop. Who doesn’t love hot, tortured guys?

3.) Speaking of tortured…you’ll never meet a girl more tortured than Cameron. She’s a hot mess. Reminiscent of my favorite hot mess of all time…

R.I.P Katherine 😦 

4.) It’s a testament to the NA Genre–Another Life is a book that wasn’t possible to publish just a few years ago. Too edgy for YA and not right for Women’s Fiction. For so long, I thought the book just didn’t make the cut. Then the New Adult genre was born and boom….there’s a place for it at last.



5.) Toxic relationships–the relationship between Cameron and Julian is reminiscent of Chuck and Blair (though I didn’t become a fan of Gossip Girl until recently). Julian will do anything to get under Cameron’s skin…and he always gets what he wants.


6.) Healing–but it’s not all just eye candy and hot hookups. It’s really a story of a family reconnecting after 12 years apart and rediscovering the healing power of family.


7.) It’s cheap!– It’s a good sized story (212 pages) and only 1.99 per kindle copy. So you save…



8.) It’s a series–It’s the first in a series and you can start today. If you like it, you’ll get to watch these characters grow and change from the beginning. Lots of drama planned. 🙂

9.) It’s ebook only– so it’s good for the environment. Go green!


10.) You can download a free sample here.


Again you can buy the book or read the sample by clicking the picture below.



Any questions about the books or writing in general? Leave them in comment section below and I’ll respond ASAP. Happy reading 🙂


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