Beauty and the Beast “Who am I?” Review

BATB everything good is gone
I don’t normally write reviews, but after last night’s Beauty and the Beast, I couldn’t help it!
 Like many others, I waited anxiously for news about what season 2 of this amazing show would hold. Last season, I fell in love with a traumatized girl who’d turned herself into a survivor, the ultimate hero, who sacrificed himself for the good of his country only to be betrayed, a quirky genius who would do anything for his friends, and a sassy tough girl who tells it like it is. Cat, Vincent, JT and Tess make a great cast and their chemistry sizzles off the screen.  And the stories…BATB is like a romance-centered cop show with paranormal or sci-fi elements. It’s just the coolest mash-up I’ve ever seen! 
And last night’s episode only proved what I already suspected. It opens with Cat, proving once again how devoted she is. She’s been searching non-stop for Vincent since he was captured by Muirfield.  Isolating herself from work, family and friends to do so. Of course JT is helping her, just because he loves Vincent and owes him, but he’s skeptical that they’ll find him. And when they finally do find him, they realize the Vincent they knew is gone. Worse than gone, actually: his memories, everything that made Vincent who he was has been wiped from his mind by Muirfield. You don’t see it much, but in his eyes you can tell there’s nothing left but a soldier. Even still, Cat has faith that he will remember her, and the love they shared. Along with making him three times stronger than last season, they’ve also turned Vincent into somewhat of a sleeper. At the word “Condor” he goes into mission-mode. He’s got a cool new tracking power, too. He proved that a least a tiny bit of his former self was still around when he saved Cat toward the end of the show, which gives me hope the Vincent we know and love will return. 
Another aspect I was happy with was Gabe’s character growth. Since Cat saved him and supposedly cured him of his beast side, he seems dedicated to redeeming himself. He helps Cat on more than one occasion, and I think his story line can only get better. Hopefully we’ll see him hooking up with Tess this season, or a nice triangle with Cat and Vincent would be good, but unlikely. Cat is too loyal to ever truly be involved in a love triangle. (If you’ll remember last season, she never really returned Evan’s feelings.) 
I was a little disappointed in the way Cat treated her sister. I know the girl has a one-track mind, but she bailed in the middle of a memorial for their dad, right before giving a speech. And the situation she was rushing to wasn’t so urgent that she couldn’t have stepped up and said a few words for the sake of her family. There is a rift between the sisters, which is unfortunate especially now that Heather has a secret she keeps trying to tell Cat. Last season, Heather found out that they have different dads. 
In fact, Cat’s real father is the one pulling Vincent’s strings. (Maybe you’ll remember him, he played the trainer that turned Kristin’s character Lana Lang into a badass in season 8 of Smallville) It’s nice to see the two working together again; he’s a talented actor and has proven to protect Cat from his Muirfield agents, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a good guy. He captured Vincent, wiped his memory and is ultimately the one standing between Cat and Vince right now. But this newfound family history raises a question I’ve had since the pilot. 
Doesn’t Cat sometimes move a little too catlike? It’s almost like she has some beastie powers of her own, though much more integrated and subtle than Vincent’s. She’s been known to take out as many as four armed guards by herself.  There’s a scene in the pilot that raised my suspicions.  Watch how Cat reacts to a person, very quietly and slowly standing up behind her. 
See what I mean? Even though she ended up losing this fight, she still showed skills and intuition that I think is a little more than human. Her mother was a genetic scientist who helped create the beasties, and her real dad does God only knows what for the shady government. It’s entirely possible Cat was another Muirfield refugee, like Gabe was.  Maybe she’s Version 3.0? What do you think? Can you remember any scenes where Cat was a little too good to be human? What were your thoughts on the season 2 premier? 

One thought on “Beauty and the Beast “Who am I?” Review

  1. “It’s entirely possible Cat was another Muirfield refugee, like Gabe was. Maybe she’s Version 3.0?”

    Very interesting theory! You’re right, given who her parents were, it’s entirely possible they messed with her DNA, but in a much more subtle (or dormant?) way.

    I think s2 is going to be one helluva ride! They’ve really amped things up, and it’s exciting to get to watch Vincent and Cat fall in love again.

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