Say No More

Last week, I saw this post on twitter. Law and Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay (along with several other awesome celebs) are part of a national campaign to end domestic violence and sexual assault. They’ve designed this awesome symbol. 


Even before I learned of the campaign, these were topics I cared strongly about. I deal with those themes in my books because I want to give people in similar situations a voice. To see so many other people standing up to give them a voice, too is unbelievably inspiring.  They’ve even uploaded an activation kit to their website. It’s filled with all kinds of things that will help you say No More all across your social media sites, and in your community.  


NOMORE_300x250_Group1         NoMore160x600_MARH           




Want to know more? In the activation kit,  they asked us to share this description: 

What is NO MORE?

NO MORE is a groundbreaking symbol, like the pink breast cancer ribbon and the red AIDS ribbon, designed
to galvanize change and radically increase the awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault in our

What was the genesis of the NO MORE symbol?

The NO MORE symbol has been in the making since 2009. It was developed because despite the significant progress that has been made in raising awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault,these pervasive issues remain hidden and on the margins of public concern. All the major domestic violence and sexual assault organizations in the country agreed that a new, overarching symbol, uniting all people working to end these problems, could have a dramatic impact on the public’s awareness. They all support NO MORE.In order to create the symbol, representatives from the domestic violence and sexual assault field and communications professionals working to raise awareness for these issues, teamed up with some of the top marketing and branding minds in the country. Together they developed the NO MORE symbol which was then tested with a range of audiences including young people and men. NO MORE received support from all demographics in the country. The majority of respondents thought it was memorable and said that the symbol was needed and important.

What does the NO MORE symbol mean?

The signature blue vanishing point originated from the concept of a zero – as in zero incidences of domestic violence and sexual assault. The smaller, inner circle of the vanishing point symbolizes moving toward our end goal when, “Together we can end domestic violence and sexual assault.”How can I help?

 KNOW MORE. Learn the signs of domestic violence and listen without judgment to victims/survivors
of sexual assault. Get the facts and know the resources available.
 Say NO MORE. Break the silence. Speak out. Seek help when you see this problem or harassment
of any kind in your family, your community, your workplace or school.
 Share NO MORE. Share the NO MORE symbol with everyone you know. Facebook it. Tweet it. Pin
it. Instagram it. Email it. Wear it. Help to increase awareness about the extent of domestic violence
and sexual assault. Visit the NO MORE Shop at
 Ensure NO MORE. Get involved. Volunteer in your community, or donate to a local, state or national
domestic violence or sexual assault organization.

How can I contact NO MORE?

To contact NO MORE, get more information or to get the symbol, visit Or for regular
updates, follow NO MORE on Twitter (@NOMOREorg at or visit on Facebook


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