Cover Reveal!! “Collateral Damage”

Collateral Damage eCover

It’s finally here! Genna and I have been working very hard to bring readers this third installment to the popular series “From the Damage”.  Some of you may remember production was delayed last year when the first draft of this book burned in a house fire. (Ouch) But it was so worth it, because Collateral Damage is darker, funnier, sexier and more ‘damaged’ than the previous books in the series. And did I mention that, for the first time in FTD history, Collateral Damage is a full-length novel? 

So what’s this book about, exactly? 

“New revelations, new love, and new heartache…

The teens from the Discover-U Center think they’ve been through a lot, but the drama has only begun.

Kelly’s stepsister crashes into town—literally—and steals the show. Quickly weaving herself into Kelly’s home, school and even her support group. Even worse: Kendall has a surprising history with Kelly’s crush, and another key player at Clearwater High. As the rivals clash, Kelly begins to suspect that behind Kendall’s bad attitude and reckless behavior is a front, covering secret so dark it’s never been spoken.

Ryder’s never been perfect, but when he discovers secrets about his past, including something so horrible it could permanently damage his relationship with Meagan, he begins to question his true nature. After the fallout, will he continue on the path of redemption, or return to his criminal ways?

Kay has lived under the thumb of her abusive father for too long, and with help and support from a budding flame, Alex, she’s finally feeling normal for the first time in her life. But when her mother’s double-life is exposed, Kay’s world is shattered, leading to a dramatic night that will change her life forever.

Daphne risks everything, including her career and her safety to help a patient in crisis, but is she too late?

In this exciting third installment to the “From the Damage” book series, relationships heat up and problems turn darker, and the lines between right and wrong are blurred. Will these teens ever find the strength to pull themselves from the damage?”

If you’re just now learning about the series, you’re just in time! As soon as Amazon approval comes through, Opposites Attract and Coming Clean will be on sale for just .99 cents each!

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