Sneak Peak at Current Projects

I’ll admit, I have the most boring blog ever. Mostly, I just use it to give updates, announce contracts, etc. I’ve been looking for cool things to blog about, but until I come up with something witty and interesting, tradition holds. 

I haven’t had much time to write lately. I’ve been knee-deep in rewriting Saving Hannah and Song of the Sea and also editing Coming Clean (From the Damage #2) but in my spare time, I’ve been working on some new projects. I’m currently trying to choose which project would be more worth my time/ more interesting. So, I thought I’d give everybody a sneak peak and gauge interest. 

CHOSEN (Title will probably change) 

Identical twins Megara and Mackenzie were just average teenagers, talking about boys and clothes one night, when suddenly a demon breaks into their house and slaughters their mother right in front of them. Scared and alone, they run for their lives, certain they’re going to die. Until two handsome strangers drive in, fight off the hooded figure and whisk the sisters to safety in their white Mustang.

Brothers Casey and Tristan are Demon Trackers, two of the few people who can see the true faces of demons that prey on humans and armed with the knowledge needed to fight them off. The revelation that Meg and Kenzie have the Sight, too, brings a choice. They can pretend they never discovered the supernatural world, or wage war against it.

Bonded by the same vendetta, the pair of siblings join forces in a deadly mission to seek revenge on the creature that killed their parents.  But when Kenzie is kidnapped, Meg is left alone to face the cold truth about why the demon wants them.  

Psychics of Shadow Valley** 

A hundred and fifty years ago, the residents of Shadow Valley, South Dakota vanished without a trace. Now, six unlikely heroes with psychic powers must stop it from happening again. 

Drake is a twenty-four year old suspense novelist suffering from writer’s block. He’s prone to having vivid nightmares, but they never bothered him before—he always channeled them into his work. Lately, though, his dreams have been different. Every night he sees the same thing—a blond girl is running, screaming and begging for her life before an unseen force kills her. 

Following his intuition, he travels to  Shadow Valley, where he meets Darcy* running the local hotel, and is shocked to see she’s the girl of his dreams. Literally. Drake insinuates himself into her life with the intention of keeping an eye on her, but what he doesn’t know is that Darcy’s isn’t an average innkeeper. Blessed with psychic visions, she’s been known to help out her friend on the police force. And she’s been dreaming of Drake, too. Horrible dreams of blood and fire and sacrifice have haunted her for weeks, and she’s sure Drake is at the root of it all somehow.

Linked by their psychic visions, they begin a dangerous journey to uncover the meaning behind the cryptic messages from beyond. But they have no idea how truly connected they really are, or the sinister plot they’re walking straight into…

(Currently Untitled a.k.a ‘the muse story’) 

Calli is a modern muse who works for the Muse’s Council–they’re the ones who control every artist’s, musician’s and writer’s inspiration.

She’s sent to inspire Devan, a struggling poet who’s supposed to become the next Edgar Allen Poe–that’s if he can survive the tumultuous senior year of high school he’s having. But when Calli breaks a sacred rule by falling in love with him, she’s faced with an ultimatum: leave Devan, or they will take away his talent.  

So, any thoughts? Any of these stories make you want to run to the bookstore and order a copy? 🙂 

* I’m dying to use this name, can you tell? 🙂

**There are some really cool, dare I say rare, psychic powers in this one. 


2 thoughts on “Sneak Peak at Current Projects

  1. I really like the story line of the Psychics of Shadow Valley. That sounds like a very good start to your first book that’s a true thriller and not a YA. I look forward to seeing how that one progressess. Chosen sounds like a good story line too. My advise on this one is to not make it a YA. It will sell better on the adult market, so make sure your characters or over 18. The muse story I’m not so crazy about.

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