New Book Deal W/Co-author Genna Denton!

Did you know….there’s two of me? 🙂 Yep, I have a twin sister, Genna Denton, and she’s just as talented, just as hard working and just as devoted to writing as I am, although you’ll never get her to admit it. Together, we’ve teamed up with World Castle Publishing to bring you From the Damage: Opposites Attract.

From the Damage will be a series of 4 e-books about teenagers who bond when they’re all sent to group therapy together. So far the plan is to release them in paperback in volumes of two books each.

Hopefully we’ll get a cover soon, but until then, here’s a work-in-progress blurb and a playlist for Opposites Attract.

Kelly Foster’s always been reserved and shy, so when she’s sent to group therapy and is assigned to be Gage Miller’s ‘backup buddy’, she thinks she’s gotten a raw deal. But as she digs deeper beneath his tough surface, she realizes there’s much more to him than meets the eye—and she just might like what she sees…

Blatantly sarcastic and rough around the edges, Gage is only in group therapy so he doesn’t go to jail. But he isn’t your average bad boy—he’s a single father desperately trying to shed his sordid past to forge a better future for his daughter. And he’s definitely not thrilled to be paired up with Kelly, the preppy snob. But surprisingly, she finds a place in his cold heart, even though he’d never admit it. But when he finally learns the heartbreaking secret that landed her in group therapy, will it bring them together or drive them apart?


  1. VersaEmerge–Mind Reader

  2. Secondhand Serenade–Why

  3. Kelly Clarkson–Haunted

  4. Barlowgirl–She Walked Away

  5. The Verve Pipe–Freshman

  6. Everclear–Wonderful


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