New Projects and Career Goals

Lately I’ve been thinking about where I want my writing career to go. Then I realized that Soul of the Sea is the first paranormal romance I’ve written, so it’s not like I’ve got a bunch of old manuscripts on a shelf that I can play with and polish and submit. For awhile, this had me really freaked out, so I started a list of ideas and now I have a whole list of stories that I want to write with a bunch of kinks to work out and my brain keeps coming up with nothing to write. At least something good is coming out of this madness, I did manage to revise one story of mine to include paranormal elements.

I’m in the process of polishing the materials I need to submit this to a few publishing houses, so I thought I would see if I could get some feedback on it.

Inner Demons–YA Paranormal

Some people are born with a monster inside of them.

Nobody knows this better than Caine McKay, a high school student harboring a dark secret. Those anger issues of his, they’re not only scary—they’re lethal. If Caine loses his temper, he loses the human part of himself and bulks out Mr. Hyde style.

When his father is sent to jail, Caine moves from Chicago to a small southern town to live with his kindhearted grandmother. Struggling to control his violent alter-ego, he tries to start a new life and forget the tragic circumstances that brought him to Tree Hollow. When he meets Hannah, the local preacher’s daughter, he finds an unexpected ally. Her belief in hope and second chances give him the anchor he needs to keep his anger rooted, and before long, Caine is completely attracted to her.

Then he wakes up one morning covered in blood, with no memory of what happened. He seeks Hannah’s comfort, only to find that she hates him. As Caine scrambles to uncover the repressed memory and piece together the night he can’t remember, other buried memories surface—including  one that could be the key to everything that’s happening to him.

This is one of those stories that has some kinks to work out, but mostly this one just needs some polishing. The blurb below still needs some work, too.

Burn–YA Paranormal Romance

Darcy has always felt stifled by her older brother. Ever since they were kids, Nathan’s been charged with keeping Darcy safe while their emotionally-stunted father travels cross-country, exorcising demons. After a tragedy in their last home, Nathan and Darcy move to a small town with the hopes of blending in. Darcy is upset about having to make new friends and start over—until she meets Cole.

She’s drawn to his dark, enigmatic behavior, but Cole is hiding more than Darcy could ever dream. Darcy has a few secrets of her own, though. Like that she can heal people, or with that same touch she can kill them.

When Cole is injured in an accident, Darcy risks exposing her secret powers to heal him, but something goes awry and she nearly sets his body on fire. Could it be her powers are growing, or maybe Cole is something otherworldly? To find the truth, Darcy must dig deep into her own heritage and uncover a secret that will change her life forever.

So, what do you guys think of these upcoming projects? Do they sound compelling?


2 thoughts on “New Projects and Career Goals

  1. Both sound really appealing. I like that you work with something outside of werewolves and vampires. It’s a needed refresher.

    Of the two I think the more appeal is with BURN. I’d love to read either of these two, though.

  2. They both grabbed my attention. Inner Demons sounds like it has an intricate and mysterious plot – like why does Caine wake up covered in blood & Hannah doesn’t like him anymore? Burn – I am wondering what Cole secret Cole is hiding and what happens with Nathan after they move.

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