Cover Art Love!

It’s finally here! This will be the cover of debut novel, coming 6/15/11. I’m absolutely in love with it, and the cover artist from Spittyfish Designs was fabulous. She really listened to my opinions, but mostly the vision was hers. What do you think? Isn’t it pretty? And if you guys would please take a second to fill out my poll, I would really appreciate it!

Under the ocean’s waves, off the coast of Harmony Harbor a dark secret is about to unfold.  Only a few know the truth. Only a few know of its existence.

Seventeen-year-old Mykaela Whindom is rescued from the treacherous seas, but finds her best friend didn’t survive the tragic accident.  It’s a secret she’s determined to keep.

Dylan, the mysterious stranger who rescues Mykaela, hides more than her secret, but it’s just a matter of time before his own dark secret is revealed.  A secret that is so dark, it may cost Mykaela her life.

The quiet little town of Harmony Harbor is thrown into shock when bodies of young women wash ashore.  Some believe it’s a serial killer.  Dylan knows the truth.

The dark secret of Mykaela’s family is revealed, The Hunters. The ones who hunt down and kill Dylan’s kind.

Can Dylan outrun his past in time to stop the killings? Or will Mykaela become the next victim in the Souls of the Sea?


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