Promo and Sneak Peak!

For those of you who listened in to my very first promotional interview–thanks so much! I’d like to give a shoutout to Ashlynn Monroe, you’re a blast.

And if you listened, then you know about my new work in progress currently titled Furie: The Rage. Because I’m dying for feedback, here’s a little sneak peak.


The fury twisted in her gut, ruthless, primal. Hungry. Bittersweet streams of blood oozed into her mouth, laced around her wisdom teeth and flowed toward her lips, like rivers winding through mountains in search of the ocean.

A scream scratched up her throat, burned over her tongue and burst through her lips. It shattered the silence of her apartment and rang down the block, announcing to everybody that her mother was dead.

No, not Mom, a still voice inside her whispered. Anybody but her.

But it was her. Just two hours ago, she watched, helpless, as her mother was beaten.

Once again, the pain, the anger took over, rippling through her veins like a drug. And just like an addict, she wanted to turn herself over to that feeling. To rip herself limb from limb and let the rage feed on what remained.

I would post more, but it’s in serious need of some editing. So, what do you think? If you flipped to this first page in a bookstore, would you buy it?


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