Happy (belated) New Year

2010 was one of the most exhilarating, fulfilling years of my life. Not only did I finally achieve my life-long dream when kNight Romance picked up my YA paranormal romance series, but I finally crawled out of the personal slump I’d been in for about three years.

There were some very hard times, but with the very bad, came the very, very good, and that’s a first for me. I hold high hopes for the year to come, and I’m praying my hopes aren’t crushed.

So, I know I haven’t posted a blog in a really long time. I took some time off from the internet during NANOWRIMO to finish SONG OF THE SEA, the second novel in the Curse of the Sea series. I finished NANOWRIMO about a week early, but to be honest, I had a 1,000 word head start because I didn’t start with a new project, I just unofficially used NANO to kick my butt into finishing that second book.

Now, it’s completed, and polished and almost ready to be sent out. At the beginning of December, SOUL OF THE SEA went into editing and I learned so much. It was an amazing experience, and I loved it. Maybe I’m a dork, but I didn’t have a problem with the editing process. I didn’t get overwhelmed, or frustrated or anything like I’d expected and like other people had prepared me for. I just…thrived…lol. The only downside was that I was a little embarrassed at how many times I repeated words or when my thoughts weren’t transferred to the page correctly. I felt like I didn’t edit myself as well as I should have, but I kept moving and eventually that feeling went away.

My editor was awesome. She totally understood the characters and helped me make the story better while staying true to my voice at the same time. I really hope I work with her for SONG OF THE SEA, too.

When I started outlining WAR OF THE SEA the third and final installment to the CURSE OF THE SEA series (trilogy/whatev) I ran into a major plot problem that had me down in the dumps for awhile. Something happened at the end of the second book that threw my whole plan out the window. Thankfully, with a major burst of inspiration and help from my lovely twin sis, I have that problem resolved. And let me tell you, the solution is epic.

There’s still some kinks to work out in other areas of the plot, the major one being how to defeat the villain, but I can handle it. I have a feeling the answer will appear during the writing.

Aside from that, I’ve set some career goals. I want to put out at least three books a year. For 2011, I will probably only put out two, unless I can get the synopsis for WAR OF THE SEA in to my publisher very soon. I know I will finish writing WAR OF THE SEA  soon, probably before the first book is even released,  but even then, it most likely won’t be released until 2012. After that, though, I definitely want to put out three books a year and I even have my next series idea brewing. It’s in it’s very early stages, so I’ve sworn myself to silence. I’ve also got an idea for a short story that I love, and yeah…I have a spinoff (a spinoff stand-alone, that is) idea for CURSE OF THE SEA. I just can’t seem to let my characters go, I’ve always had that problem. I’m also considering adapting one of my previous novels to include paranormal elements.

When I chose the paranormal genre, it was simply because it’s so huge right now and I wanted to sell a book. And then I just…fell in love with it. So, I figure I’ll stick to that genre and then maybe, later on, segue into YA inspirational/Christian fiction. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So for now, I need to focus on finishing the trilogy that I’ve got in the bag, and on promoting it. Which brings me to my final point…I’m looking for blogs/interviews/anything that will help me get my book’s name out there. I know my marketing director from kRP will take care of a lot of this for me later on, but it can’t hurt to get a head start and I was given the go ahead to start booking some things on my own. So, if anybody is interested or wants to throw me a rope here, I will greatly appreciate it!

There are several ways to contact me, I’m on Facebook and Twitter and I have a website. But you can always email me here:  jasmineldenton @ gmail (dot) com

I hope every body else had a wonderful Christmas and New Year too!

And for those who haven’t seen it yet, please check out the WIP website for the CURSE OF THE SEA series. You can find it here : http://www.wix.com/jasminedenton/curseofthesea

Which reminds me, I really need to buy my domain name. But, anywho….thanks for reading! Catch you later.



2 thoughts on “Happy (belated) New Year

  1. Hey Jasmine,
    I saw that you left a comment on AgentQuery that you’ve sold your book. Wanted to tell you that Agent Query Connect moved to a new website in October, and everyone from the old one is there now: http://www.agentqueryconnect.com
    Go on over and register so you can announce it over there – I’m sure everybody will be excited for you. I remember your project, and am not surprised it sold. Maybe you could post your “query that worked,” too.

    Congrats, and continued good luck! 🙂

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