Things I Want To Do Before I’m 30

I know my last post was kind of…meh…so I thought I would go with an upbeat one today. While trying to write this next book, all of these ideas are bugging me. So here’s a list of things I want to do before I hit the big 3-0. (They’re in no order of importance)

  • Write (and publish!) Six Novels
  • Have a NYT Bestseller
  • Get Married
  • Write a Television Series (and participate in it actively)
  • Own My Own House (with land for a horse!)
  • Take My Niece to Disneyland
  • Be A “Professional” At Comi-Con
  • Vacation in Italy
  • Bake a (beautiful) Wedding Cake
  • Read 500 more Books

So, there we have it. My goals. I’m kind of ambitious, huh?


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