Song of the Sea Contract!!

I almost squealed when an e-mail popped up from kNight Romance Publishing. The contract for Song of the Sea, the second book in the Curse of the Sea Series has arrived! I’m so excited.


I also recieved a ‘cover art sheet’ to fill out for each book. I’d never heard of one before, and I don’t know if this is a standard practice (although, it should be!) Since I’d never heard of it, I thought I’d post it. I don’t think there’s a problem with that, but just in case my editor comes across this blog and isn’t happy about it, sorry! E-mail me and I’ll take it down.


Lol, now that my bases are covered, here we go:


Cover Art Form

Author Name (as you would like it to appear on your cover):  


Story Setting :  
Time Period:  
Which Would You Prefer On Your Cover, People or Objects?  
Desired Mood For Cover (example: eerie, romantic, etc.)  


Description of Hero (please list hair color, eye color, age, any facial hair or tattoos, etc):  


Description of Heroine (please list hair color, eye color, age, etc):  


Please List Any Objects or Symbols Central to the Story:  
Is There Anything You Definitely DO NOT Want On Your Cover?  
Author’s Additional Wants/Suggestions:  


Book Blurb:


Pretty cool, huh? I can’t wait to fill them out. But I’ve been writing non-stop for days, and running on caffeine. So I’m going to hop in the shower and fix myself something to eat first.


Thanks for reading!


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