Song of the Sea–Excerpt

So, I’ve been hard at work on Song of the Sea, the second novel in the Soul of the Sea Trilogy. It’s been a bi-otch. Every time I make progress, freak accidents happen (walk away to get coffee, come back and battery has died! For some reason Word isn’t recovering. I’ve lost about 30 pages!) Even with the setbacks, though, I’ve been making good progress. The plot is developing nicely, I’ve added a new character I think I’m going to love. One plot element remains a mystery, but I have a feeling it will unfold on it’s own.

Some people have been asking what Song of the Sea is about, so I thought I’d post a blog post with a (particularly horrible) blurb and a (hopefully not so horrible) excerpt.

In Soul of the Sea, Mykaela found out that her boyfriend—an immortal Soul of the Sea— killed her father years ago. Heartbroken, she banished Dylan and swore to kill him if he ever returned. In Song of the Sea, Mykaela has decided to learn everything about her powers and fulfill her destiny of protecting Harmony Harbor from the Souls of the Sea. Partnered with Brad, the hot-headed, rookie police officer who used to loathe her, she begins to scratch the surface of what her powers can do.

When Dylan—who has now claimed his place as a sea king—comes back, Mykaela’s world is hurled into chaos. Dylan informs Mykaela of a rival kingdom’s plot to end her life. The rivals wants to conquer Dylan’s kingdom, and they’re convinced that targeting Dylan’s one weakness—Mykaela—is the way to ensure Dylan’s downfall.

As if that isn’t bad enough, Mykaela meets new student Kerr Lachlan, who seems startlingly familiar and puts her head in a spin. Even with so much going on in her life, the second he shows up, he’s all she can think about. And it makes her wonder if there’s something magical going on.

Will Mykaela remain so tangled in a web of broken hearts, undeniable attraction and familial responsibility that she can’t see what’s going on right in front of her? Dylan’s only hope for rescuing her is to get her to trust him again, but that means forcing Mykaela confront the truth about her father’s death.

And now, [drum-roll please :)] An excerpt from Song of the Sea:

By the time Brad dropped Mykaela off at the Seaside Inn, it was nearly one o’clock. She used her key to let herself in the back door that led to the kitchen.

She found her brother, Jared, at the counter. He had his weight rested on his hands as he watched a plate of leftovers rotate in the microwave.

“You should have been there tonight.” Mykaela reached into the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water. She hoisted herself to sit on the opposite counter, and kicked her legs back and forth against the lower-level cabinet. “Hell of a Hunt.”

“You realize you have blood all over your sweatshirt, right?” Jared crinkled an eyebrow in disgust.

“Since when are you so squeamish?” She grinned at him as she took a drink of water. “You used to do this, too.”

“Yeah, well, I’m through with Hunting.” Jared kept his gaze fixed on the microwave. “I’m finished with that world.”

“So a siren tricked you into falling in love and almost bled your soul dry.” She gave him a playful wink. “It was months ago, get over it.”

Jared shot her a glare.

“I’m just teasing.”

“Well, it’s not funny.” He popped open the microwave and pulled his plate out, then slammed the door shut again. “You know,” he said, turning to her. “You’re surprisingly well adjusted for someone whose boyfriend just died.”

It was a low blow, even for Jared. But she figured she had it coming, so she ignored him and jumped down from the counter, turning on her heel to jog up the stairs.

Once inside her bedroom, Mykaela locked her door. She didn’t bother to turn on the light, opting to pull open the drapes and use moonlight to guide her.

She stripped out of her water and blood stained hoodie and held it up to the light. She muttered a curse when she realized the stains probably wouldn’t come out. With a sigh, she tossed the hoodie into the laundry basket and used a scrunchie to pull back her tangled hair.

She stretched her back as she walked over to her dresser and pulled open the first drawer. Her gaze landed on the tiny treasure chest shaped jewelry-box that sat on top, and she felt tears thicken in her throat. She’d engraved every detail of the jewelry-box into her mind’s eye. Dylan had hand carved it from a block of wood, and etched a dove perched on an olive branch on top. He’d used the same symbol when he carved the banister on the front stair case, over a century ago when he was alive. Before a siren convinced him to take his life by jumping into the ocean. Before he was transformed into a soulless monster.

Before he killed her father.

Mykaela tore her gaze away from the box and reached into the drawer. She shoved her socks out of her way and retrieved the spirit board she kept hidden underneath.

She placed the board on her floor, in the center of the room. Then she grabbed the white candle she kept on the nightstand beside her bed.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor, she struck a match and held it to the wick. A flame lurched up from the center of the candle in a burst of light, before it settled into a smooth, even flicker.

She took a few slow, deep breaths, breathing in through her mouth and exhaling through her nose. She tried to free her mind from thoughts—to just be in the moment.

Placing her fingers gently on the pointer, she began, “Dad, are you here? If you’re here, please let your presence be known.”

She waited, her mind hyper-aware of every howl of wind outside, of every movement downstairs. She watched the flame of the candle dance back and forth. “Dad, please talk to me again.”

She felt the room temperature drop and a chill crawled over her skin. The pointer moved to each letter, spelling out the words, “I’m here.”

Mykaela breathed out a sigh of relief. For a second, she’d thought he wasn’t coming back. “I still can’t find the killer. I know my instinct was right—he was there tonight—but he used a different Soul of the Sea as a diversion and got away. The couple died.”

“It happens.”

“It’s never been this hard to track one of the before. What am I supposed to do?”

She waited patiently while the pointer glided across the old wooden board and spelled out “Kill him. No matter what it takes.”

“Dad, what’s that mean? What’s it going to take?”

She kept her gaze glued to the spirit board, but the pointer didn’t move. She waited for what seemed like an eternity before she repeated, “What do I have to do?”

A gust of wind blew through the room and snuffed out the candle’s flame. A sign from her father that the chat was over. Aggravated, Mykaela stood up and turned on her lamp. She was tempted to relight the candle, but she didn’t want to push it. She’d just try again tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Song of the Sea–Excerpt

  1. As usual Jasmine has did it again. Her writing comes alive as you read.
    Make a note, her book will be out sometime in May 2011. You know you want to buy it.

    Jasmine keep up the good work.

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